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Grandmaster Ip Ching 7th July 1936 - 25th January 2020

Ip Ching (full name Ip Hok- Ching) a Chinese Grandmaster of Wing Chun as taught to him by his father Great Grandmaster Ip Man has sadly passed away, aged 83 years, on the morning of Sunday 25th January 2020.

His passing is a great loss to the world of Wing Chun and he will be greatly missed. I am most devastated. I have not only lost a Sifu, I have also lost someone who was a father figure. It is as I have lost my father a second time.

As a Master of the Wing Chun System his skills were phenomenal. As a man, well his name conveys it all "Jing" meaning righteous, straight, direct. Grandmaster Ip Ching’s character embodied all these qualities and more. Other than the Wing Chun it was these qualities that drew me to him.

He was a man of honour and respect. Everyone that knew him or met him will reiterate this. He conducted himself in the manner in which a sifu should. He was humble but firm. Generous with his knowledge but also discerning. A real man. If he liked you he would let you know and permit you to draw close. If he did not like you he did not push you away but kept his distance. Always respectful and courteous. What you saw is what you got.

He has left a tremendous legacy of how a sifu and master should be. I hope that all his students continue to uphold that legacy in the true spirit of how he has taught them. And I hope that all of us, around the world, who represent our Grandmaster Ip Ching and his Wing Chun stand together to continue to promote and preserve this system of combat.

Our deepest condolences are expressed to his immediate family and his brother Si Bak Ip Chun. We especially give our condolences to SiMo ( Grandmaster Ip Ching’s wife). We also share our sadness with his students and friends in Hong Kong and around the world. Our trips to Hong Kong will never be the same.

Sifu Garry McKenzie

About us

The Wing Chun School Kung Fu, for the purpose of Self Defence and Health & Vitality, based on the Yip Man Wing Chun Kung Fu system through the lineage direct from Grand Master Ip Ching.

The Wing Chun School formally opened in September 1990, under the tutelage of Garry McKenzie. Back then there was the one school in Hackney, but within a couple of years schools in Leyton, Enfield, London's West End, Cyprus and Norway followed. We host regular mixed adult classes, womens classes and childrens classes; private tuition for individuals and small groups is also available. All schools are fully equipped with all the apparatus needed for effective Wing Chun Kung Fu practice. The Wing Chun School does not concern itself with labels, hence just "The Wing Chun School". Therefore terms like 'Authentic', 'Pure', 'Classical', etc. are not used. The aim of our school is to teach effective Wing Chun technique, therefore open-mindedness & research is needed. Up until more recent times the Wing Chun history has been given to us through the teaching of the late Grandmaster Ip Man. We now know there are more branches of the Wing Chun Kung Fu system, however, being from the lineage of the Great Grand Master Ip Man we respect the history given to us by him. The Wing Chun School Instructors

The Wing Chun system itself is straightforward in it's approach, both in teaching and application. Regardless of personal interpretation, Ip Man has key principles that all masters of the system should know. For example: 'Economy of Motion', and 'Conservation of Energy' - these two principles intertwine and relate to each other. Basically the practitioner must think of Directness as opposed to Indirectness. The Wing Chun Style has probably one of the shortest training syllabus amongst the 'Traditional' Chinese Martial Arts, based on a scientific & mathematical approach to combat.

Group picture with Grand Master Ip Ching at the Wing Tsun Athletic Association.


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