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Sifu Andrew Cunningham

Sifu Andrew Cunningham
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Private tuition for students and small groups available.

For more information please contact Sifu Andrew.

Andrew Cunningham first started his Wing Chun training with Sifu Ian Morris in 1998. After completing his second grading he then continued his training with Sifu Kola Fajimolu at TWCS Enfield branch. Andrew is now training at the Hackney headquarters under Sifu Garry McKenzie where he has completed his third grading.

In 2010 Andrew started training privately under Sifu Garry Mc Kenzie and has completed the system. He is working on deepening his knowledge of the art and its application with the main focus on combat, power and conditioning of the body.

In 2015 he was privileged to accompany Sifu Garry Mc Kenzie and his fellow students to Hong Kong and Foshan China. He had the opportunity to visit many schools and met many other Wing Chun grandmasters such as Grandmaster Ip Ching, Sifu Chau Lin Fat, Grandmaster Kong Chi Keung, Sifu Yip Jyu Jeh, Sifu Donald Mak, Sifu Sam Lau, Sifu John Wong and many others. He also had the privilege to attend a seminar conducted by Grandmaster Ip Ching

In 2016 Sifu Garry Mc Kenzie permitted Andrew to take on private students.

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