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What inspired me to study Martial Arts is the determination to master the Art of Self-Defence. I began my Martial Arts training in the mid-1970's in Karate, Wushu and Lau Gar Kung Fu.

"Ultimately, martial art is the expression of oneself." - Bruce Lee

In early 1980, I discovered the most popular, practical and effective style of Martial Art, "Wing Chun", which has been specially developed to give women an advantage over an attacker who may be bigger and stronger, without necessitating a repertiore of high kicks and turns, so I enroled myself in the Wing Chun Martial Arts Academy.

"Because it was founded by a woman, it does not rely on brute strength for its effectiveness."

- Fujian White Crane

In early 1992, I left The Wing Chun Martial Arts Academy to continue my journey for further research into the training of the Internal Arts, such as "Qigong".

In late 1994, I began my Qigong training at the Qigong Centre, whilst simultaneously keeping in touch with my Wing Chun training.

In 1997, I was an Assistant Instructor in Qigong, based in London.

In November 1999 , I conducted a Qigong workshop for nurses in the London Clinic for 3 months. Following that, the editor of the Nursing Standard approached me to participate in writing an article called "Making Time Campaign". This aimed to help nurses to achieve a healthy balance between life and work. To my surprise, I had won the award for writing the article and it was featured in the Nursing Standard magazine in November 1999.

In March 2000, I opened my first school in Chiswick, London, under The Qigong Centre, hoping to pass on my knowledge and skills in both Wing Chun and Qigong. Later that year in November, during a National Stress Awareness Day, I was invited back to conduct another workshop for nurses and office staff at the London Clinic. I felt very honoured that my name appeared again, this time in the new column of the Nursing Standard magazine.

"My only interest is to share my knowledge......... so others can appreciate this martial arts style."

- Grandmaster Lay Wing Sung

Life is a journey filled with opportunities to learn and meet people. In 1982, I met two brothers, Garry and David McKenzie, and I am greatly inspired by their kind, patient and humble personalities. Garry runs The Wing Chun School in Hackney, London, and I have been fortunate to have been able to train with Garry at his school, which he opened in 1987.

April 2005, was a turning point for the Chiswick school as we left The Qigong Centre and amalgamated with The Wing Chun School.

In June 2008, I and members of The Wing Chun School partcipated in a demonstration in support for the "Sporting Futures" at the Lee Valley festival, North London. The event was a sucess.

In October 2008, I travelled to Hong Kong and China with a group of my students and other members of The Wing Chun School. The purpose of this trip was to meet reputable and respectable Wing Chun Masters and Grandmasters like Wan Kam Leung, Tsui Seung Tin, Ip Chun and Sigong Ip Ching and to visit Ip Man Tong (Museum) to see the Wing Chun heritage. Whilst we were out there, we also visited the "Chin Hoo School" where "Fist of Fury" was filmed, the "Wong Fei Hung" museum at the Ancestral Temple in Foshan, South China and all other interesting places. During our two weeks school trip, our daily activities started with early morning training in the Kowloon Park, once at the beach in Lantau Island and we would end the day in the evening visiting and training with other Sifus, students, Masters and Grandmasters in their schools.

In May 2011, I was invited to do a talk on BBC live radio about the practicality and effectiveness of Wing Chun, as Hong Kong Airlines is providing training in Wing Chun Kung Fu for it's cabin crew as a means of restraining unruly passengers.

My life-long challenge is to impart my knowledge and skills of the Wing Chun art form. Wing Chun has 400 years history, dating back to it's creators Ng Mui, Madame Yim Wing Chun to the late Great Grandmaster Ip Man.

"Without knowledge, skills cannot be focussed. Without skill, strength cannot be brought to bear and without strength, knowledge may not be applied."

- Alexander The Great's Chief Physician

The Wing Chun School teaches the system based on Ip Man key principles "Economy of Motion" & "Conservation of Energy". It is a pragmatic form of self-defence suitable for men, women and children.

Both Wing Chun and Qigong are an excellent way of improving overall health and keeping fit.

Most importantly my role as a Sifu is to ensure that the tradition and the Chinese arts "Wing Chun" & "Qigong" are preserved for the next generation.

"The teaching of one virtuous person can influence many; that which has been learned well by one generation can be passed on to a hundred."

- Kano Jigoro, Founder of Judo

Sifu Bee Loh is a Certified Instructor by the VTAA (Ving Tsun Athletic Association), and also a lifetime member of the VTAA as well as being a Registered First Aider.

Please contact Sifu Bee for more information on 07759 - 875 293

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